art director, artist, producer.


Marco digby, Production Designer, Slum Dog Millionaire  -

Rod  has worked with me on 28 DAYS LATER and MILLIONS, as a Construction Art Director and Design Art Director. Rod's skills have been invaluable (for example his construction art direction, design and story boarding skills).

Rod is a good team player and has a good grounding in all the facets of Art Direction involved in Feature Film making. Throughout his many years experience in film making he has encouraged juniors and trainees. I would recommend Rod highly as an excellent work colleague and friend. He has many positive attributes ideal for the film environment. Not least the enthusiasm to pass on his knowledge of his trade to all around.

 - Danny Boyle - DNA Films Ltd

Rod Gorwood has collaborated with me over a number of years as an art director and senior draughtsman and story board artist. Rod is a wonderfully skilled team player whose range, reliability and creative flair has proved invaluable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

- Mark Tildesley, Production Designer

I worked with Rod during the making of the feature film 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE and Rod was our Draughting Art Director. He is an excellent draughtman both technically proficient and extremely resolute and hard working. From a tiny reproduction of a blueprint and from some grainy, indistinct photos, he was able to produce extremely detailed drawings of a Manchester nightclub which had recently been knocked down. This aided us greatly as this was our main built set on film.

Rod was a very good team player within our department and also added to the overall level by passing his tips and skills onto the junior members of the art department. I would not hesitate to work with Rod again and would certainly employ him myself.

- Paul Cripps, Production Designer

Rod Gorwood worked on the film MILLIONS in the capacity as key draughstman. He was a consummate professional and dedicated member of the design team. His commitment to the project was exceptional and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

- Tracey Seaward, Co-producer MILLIONS

Rod Gorwood has worked with me over several feature films where his role has been as a Chief Draughtsman and /or Art Director. As a senior member of the team he has been involved in passing his on his vast experience and many skills to other members of the department, in particular to the juniors and trainees.

He is by far one of the most able and experienced colleagues I have worked with, and in terms of drawing, draughting and progressing designs through to construction there is little doubt of his speed and high quality of work. I cannot recommend Rod highly enough as an excellent work colleague, friend and teacher, He has many positive attributes ideal for the film environment, not least the enthusiasm to pass on his knowledge of his trade to all around.

- Chris Truelove, Production Designer

I have known Rod since 1998 and I have worked with him as Art Director on several ITV Drama programmes including "Reckless: The Movie", "The Grimleys" and "Cold Feet". "Prime suspect" He is a talented and able worker, and I would have no hesitation in working with him again.

- David Meddick, Associate Producer - GTV Drama Department

Rod Gorwood has worked for me at various times, both as an art director and in a tutorial role. He has vast experience in the television industry as well as film. Both his organisational skills and creative flair are unrivalled particularly his freehand drawing, visuals and story boards are exceptional. He is capable of producing extremely high quality technical drawings at an extraordinary pace, whilst maintaining both quality and creative content.

He has taught on a number of occasions of less experienced designers and art directors various aspects of technical drawing, visualisation and story board work. His warm personality has made him a natural teacher who endears himself to his audience.

He is a gifted artist and skilled designer and I have no reservation in recommending him for any future roles, both in a design context and lecturing.

- Julian Perkins, Production Designer - Granada Television Limited

I should like to recommend Rod Gorwood for any potential Lecturing/Training position based on my knowledge of his exceptional professional skills and training input during the 6 years I have known him.

I employed Rod to work with me on a variety of projects with students at National Diploma and HND level at Newcastle College. His input was invaluable particularly in respect of specific skills areas :- draughtsmanship, model making, perspective sketching and conveying the industry model/practise and sense of standards required. He is a very patient man having dealt with a range of ages and temperaments. He makes it very clear about how things should be done in order to maintain the high professional standards he works to.

He has a very extensive knowledge of architecture, interiors and construction methods/materials both contemporary and traditional. He shares the desire to establish a high standard apprenticeship based/centred on the industry led model.

His experience and talent in the area of Film and Television are very evident in his cv and portfolio of work. The opportunity for students/trainees to benefit from his knowledge and experience is something he has a commitment to sharing with others.

- Mike Myers, Lecturer/Training Consultant and Designer maker

            Rod is a specialist and possess great knowledge within and outwith the industry,

- Michael Winterbottom. Director

            A specialist, great communicator, and an experienced organiser and valued colleague, greatly valued.